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Warm up, damn you!

So, off first thing tomorrow and for the next two weeks I’ll have minimal internet access so I’ll be updating this wildlife blog via email and text message from Namibia. Small price to pay for being in Africa.

I say, “I’m off tomorrow”, that’s the plan but with the way things are going here, Heathrow and Frankfurt: I’ll be lucky to get there on time. Looks like I’ll be chartering a private fare to Ongos, I wonder if Land Rover will pick up the tab? Perhaps not.

Assuming things do improve with the snow – honestly, snow in November? – then I’m all booked on and will be in the air tomorrow afternoon. Only taking non-fiction reading material for the flights, so if we are delayed I will be tetchy to say the very least. Be prepared for a number of photos of the departure lounge of Terminal 2 Frankfurt. I believe it is a leading example of the northern European flight terminal genre. Should be there for 65 minutes, that will probably be enough.

Happy landings!

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Posted by on December 2, 2010 in Namibia