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No, not the lame-duck morning TV show, but a snippet from my Namibia film focussing on my favourite time of day on the Expedition.

5am saw me up and at ’em, following the antics of the local baboon troop. Apologies for the poor quality shots of the gang, they moved fast and I had no tripod, but it at least gives a flavour of the morning fun!

Check out the bleary eyes, fresh out of the shower!

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Here’s a short little film recorded in a lunch break on my recent Namibian Biosphere Expedition.

I couldn’t believe the size of these burrows when I first saw them, darn-well nearly swallowed an entire long-wheel-base Defender! Knew then that I had to get something on tape, and although I wasn’t able to capture footage of the aardvarks themselves (despite spending two hours sitting in the dark watching the holes) its quite a nice little compilation.


Hope you like it – I certainly enjoyed filming it!

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Over the Festivities

Christmas came a little closer to the end of my African adventure than I had been planning. In fact, if I had not swapped plane for Eurostar train, I doubt very much if I would have got home for Christmas at all.

Caught in the snow-delayed chaos of Frankfurt airport, it was hard not to feel gloomy about the prospects of yet another night sleeping in the departures lounge, airside at one of Europe’s least interesting travel hubs. However I had the joys of my Namibian adventure to keep my spirits up and every so often I would steal a peek at a few of the photos on my camera. That said, the charger was in my lost luggage, so I couldn’t spend all day gawping as I had no way of topping up the battery levels.

The travel disruption has meant I was temporarily (I hope) separated from my luggage, so there’s been a lot more rubbish to sort out than i had planned for upon my return, and hence, I have yet to post photos and accounts of the expedition. Well, the good news is that I will begin the process of film and photo editing this week and slowly drip-feed updates and posts here to keep our collective spirits up in the January blues.

I’ve not stepped foot in the office since December 2nd, and I am desperate to get back to work and see what has been going on in my absence. I have a feeling that 2011 will prove to be a whirlwind year for the Wild Diary, and there are several exciting projects in the pipeline which I will share here as, when or if they develop.

So with that slightly nauseous feeling from two weeks of Christmas over-indulgence, I head off into 2011 with high hopes and lofty ambition.

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